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Amigos del Bosque Spanish Nature Preschool


"The most engaging preschool experiences rarely come home in a backpack."
- Anonymous

Amigos del Bosque Spanish Nature Preschool teachers, director and volunteer’s believe that children learn best while they are engaged in play, and are amazed by the nature they explore in their surroundings. We believe Nature is a rich classroom where children can observe and notice natural processes, where they can touch and feel without the fear of getting dirty. We prioritize nature-based play, child-led, and emergent curriculum.

Children will spend most of their time outside, exploring, observing, playing and connecting with nature. Teachers are facilitators and avid observers of children's interest and discoveries. Learning experiences and opportunities happen everyday and can be child led and/or teacher led. The curriculum emerges from our daily experiences and observations in nature as well as the natural flow of the children's play with each other. 


Daily Flow

We allow for a natural, child-led and flexible flow of the day.


9:00 Arrival and Morning Circle 

9:30 Nature hike + free play/exploration

10:30 Snack and Stories 

11:00 Learning invitations based on observations and children's interests  

12:00 Reflection/journaling + Closing Circle/Adios  

Our Locations

El Bosque: Birch Island Woods

La Escuelita/The Little Schoolhouse 

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