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Our Philosophy

We are a nature preschool in the west metro area of the Twin Cities that believes in respecting childhood, connecting with nature, and developing empathetic and open-minded children through a Spanish immersion experience.  


child led

We believe in a child-led and emergent curriculum where we follow the children's natural interests using developmentally appropriate  and inquiry-based teaching practices. We believe in creating an inclusive space where all are respected, loved, and valued. 



We believe that children who enjoy, learn, and play in nature will learn to protect it as well. We believe that nature itself is a wonderful teacher and by slowing down there is so much to learn through the eyes of a child. Through investigating, exploring, and playing together in natural spaces, we not only connect to our surroundings but also to each other.  



We seek to foster culturally aware and minded individuals through immersion in the Spanish language. We will grow their vocabulary, empathy for people different than themselves, and expand their worldview all while learning and playing in nature. Children will learn the language through play and discovery. 

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