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Our Values

  • We celebrate and respect childhood

  • We believe that an emergent, child-led and child-centered curriculum is the answer for developmentally appropriate best practices. 

  • We believe in slowing down,  taking the time to notice the world around us. 

  • We conceive Nature as a teacher

  • We want to foster environmental awareness, enjoyment and stewardship of the natural world

  • We believe in fostering independence through developmentally appropriate opportunities


About Us

Big Tree

Amigos del Bosque was born as a Spanish Speaking community. We shared our passion for passing on a second language to our children as well as developmentally appropriate practices. 

The passion for preserving childhood and connecting with nature keeps growing. 

We believe in play-based learning, child-led and emergent curriculum where we spend 90% of the time outdoors. We want to celebrate childhood by offering an inclusive, developmentally-appropriate program, taking place in natural spaces. The most natural time for children to learn a second language is in the early years. We believe that through learning a second language (or fostering their heritage language) their view of the world expands and children 


We are located in Eden Prairie, MN. 

Our goal


Amigos del Bosque wants to open an inclusive space for children in the West Metro Area to have access to a Nature Preschool, where childhood is celebrated. A space where children's interests and their natural drive to inquire and learn are unleashed.

All of these, while getting immersed in the Spanish Language.

Let's play!

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